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Extended Adventures
Creative travelers can make a variety of adjustments to the trip. If you want additional days to explore on your own, we recommend doing so at the end of the trip if staying on Prince of Wales and on the front of the trip if you want to stay in Ketchikan for the simple reason of ease of storing your fish.
Ketchikan has things to do, museums and all of the things that cruise ship passengers crave. There are flightseeing trips to Misty Fiords National Monument and numerous day activities based on cruise ship schedules. In Ketchikan, the Landing Hotel and Super 8 both have freezer storage for fish if you check ahead when you reserve a room.
Prince of Wales has caves (El Capitan Cave shown right), totem parks, many rivers and several cabins on remote lakes that can be rented. The chamber of commerce on Prince of Wales Island can suggest many places to stay and a variety of rental vehicle opportunities. We are happy to offer advice on what to do and how to do it if you want to spend more time on Prince of Wales Island or elsewhere in Southeast Alaska. Kayaking, biking, hiking and river fishing are all popular.
Whale Watching
Whale watching is a favorite southeast Alaska pastime. The islands eliminate the open ocean swell and calm waters make this an ideal setting for viewing and photographing whales, wildlife and scenery.
Humpbacks and Orcas (killer whales) are here in large numbers chasing abundant feed. Close encounters with humpbacks are a daily event. Orcas are seen about once a week.
Southeast Alaska has stunning scenery. Snowcapped mountains, trees as far as you can see, wildlife and waterfowl are all part of what makes the Tongass region unique. The inside waters of Southeast Alaska are amazingly calm and safe
Southeast Alaska is home to both Brown and Black Bears; however Prince of Wales has only black bears. Sea lions, and seals are abundant, and sea otters and eagles are seen every day. We can do trips that ar one way between ports to allow for viewing glaciers and visiting hot springs. A relaxed trip to Juneau with some side trips takes about a week. If planned far enough in advance, a trip can go to almost any port in southeast Alaska.
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