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  • Two - Twelve Day Trips:
    • $450.00 a day per person, includes sleeping on the boat the night before the trip and sleeping on the boat the last night.
    • Children under the age of 13 are half-price.
    • Multiple day trips require deposit of one day total. Maximum of four adults. Minimum charge of $900.00 per day.
    • All food and drinks except alcohol are provided.
  • One Day Trips:
    • $250.00 a day per person to be paid in advance.
    • Maximum of six passengers.
    • All food and drinks are provided.
  • Additional Expenses:
    • About $1.50 per pound to vacuum pack and freeze your catch.
    • A fish box at $10.00 per fifty pounds of fillets.
    • Fishing license and king salmon stamp at about $20.00 a day.
    • Ferry from Ketchikan to Hollis about $100.00 round trip. (You can do a small plane, but with fish expect about $3-400.00 round trip.)
    Generally, the later you book a trip, the more flexible you have to be. Sightseeing, fishingopportunities, destinations, wildlife viewing and water conditions vary by the time of your visit and we can discuss these issues at length. We want you to have the best possible trip. Every trip is different, and a custom adventure.
    Typical Trips
    We do occasional one-day fishing trips for people coming to Prince of Wales Island for other reasons.
    With changes to the fishing rules, we have gone to four-day trips for most clients. That is what virtually all repeat clients choose. Most feel two days is not enough, and it is not as cost effective given travel costs.
    If planned ahead, we can arrange to have fish transported back to the processor without leaving the fishing grounds. For $200.00 the length of the trip is no longer tied to the fishing regulations and it saves six hours of drive time every other day. Phone service is sparse once we leave port and this has to be decided before the trip or it is not possible. The decision should be made at the time of booking. This is only an issue if you wish to retain significant quantities of halibut. Everything else can legally be stored in our freezer.
    We have done trips as long as two weeks if sightseeing and adventure is a priority. On longer trips there are hot springs, interesting small fishing or native communities, glaciers and stunning beauty for the more adventurous traveler. We have a freezer on board to store fish and supplies and can get off every few days for a shower or hot springs soak. The longer the trip, the more important it becomes that you enjoy your partners in the trip. While that guy down the street may be pleasant on a day trip to the lake at home, it may not be the same when you canít get more than 20 feet away unless you put him off in the life raft.
    When to Book
    There is no commitment until you mail the check, so don't be shy about emailing or calling us. We have been running this boat since 1996, the vast majority of our trips include repeat customers. We suggest you think about booking a trip at least a year in advance, especially if you want a longer or one way trip. Every year is different, but in general, booking after October for the following summer is pretty hit or miss on available dates, although there may be a cancellation and surprise openings. We can hold a spot while you think about it ďifĒ you are reasonably serious and get me to commit to that. I cannot hold a spot for every tire knocker that calls and my commitment lasts as long as my memory. My ultimate commitment comes when you see the invoice in the mail. Best prices on Alaska Airline tickets are generally found during the month of October and that is when most people commit to their time slot.
    Your deposit of $450.00 is refundable if I can rebook the trip. It is a non-issue for a refund if you tell me in April, but unlikely if you are telling me with less than a monthís notice as it is too hard for people on the wait list to get cheap tickets that late.
    Asking a deposit of each passenger is my way of encouraging them to get their tickets at that time. Most of my late cancellations are one member of the party that waited too late to get airline tickets.
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