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Why Us?
Every day brings something to take your breath away. Fishing sightseeing and wildlife viewing is exceptional and pleasant on the protected waters of the west coast of Prince of Wales Island. With a little notice we can have your choice of fresh salmon, halibut, snapper, rockfish, several varieties of crab, or shrimp for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can eat what you catch, plan to take home crab, shrimp and fish, or never dip a hook. The choice is yours!
The Top Dog is a comfortable thirty-foot Californian. Power comes from a single Perkins diesel and we cruise at about 9 miles an hour. We have enough range and provisions to go anywhere in Southeast Alaska and often do one way trips between communities. There is no better boat for price and value if you can make it without a Jacuzzi and mint on your pillow.
Every trip is a custom adventure based on what you desire and we never mix groups. The number of passengers is dictated by your interests, relationship with your companions and how long you want to be that close to your friends. The longer the trip, the better friends you should be. Four guests can sleep comfortably. Six people can be comfortable on day trips. Three is the preferred number of hard core fishermen for multiple day trips, but two couples works out well too.
The Top Dog is available for drop off and pick up for backpacking, climbing, kayaking, hunting, and fly fishing. Check out our links for other things to do, lodging and air travel.
The Top Dog has full electrical service for your electronics. Once underway, cell phone coverage is spotty at best. Teenagers have proven that texting a girlfriend is possible at times if you stand on the flybridge like an antenna. There are spots where coverage is possible if important and I have some advance notice.
The fly bridge is the place to be on nice days. The back deck is partially covered in case of rain. If we discuss it ahead of time, we can take a raft for trips ashore, and can transport several kayaks.
Be assured that your captain has exceptional knowledge of local waters and knows where to find the fish and wildlife! A unique quality on the outer coast of Prince of Wales Island is the calm waters lacking even an open ocean swell, great fishing and wildlife viewing at the same time and large numbers of cooperative humpback whales, sea otters and eagles for great photo opportunities. On average, the boat processes between 50 to 100 pounds a day of fillets if clients want fish to take home. The variations in poundage are mostly about what you want to take home, the time of the summer and how hard you want to work at it.
Daylight hours in Alaska far exceed your ability to stay awake. As easy as you want to take it, or as hard as you want to push, this is the boat and captain for you. You can go home relaxed or exhausted!
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